What people say about Mark Casey:

Chris Long, Former BBC Producer now freelance TV producer and writer

“Having worked with Mark for over 20 years I am constantly astonished at his ability to simply sort things out and make things happen. On any level he is personable and reliable, although beware his wicked sense of humour. Organised, determined and sometimes brutally honest, you can’t really go wrong with him on your side”

Niki Hutchinson, Associate Director, Lewis PR

“If you are have worked in the technology or mobile industry over the past ten years, the chances are you will have come up against Mark Casey. He really is the full package – creative, strategic and never afraid to give you the best consultancy, even when you may not want to hear it.

During the two years I worked with him directly, he was a fantastic mentor and continues to still be the person I go to for sensible and honest advice. I have learned an enormous amount from him, which has helped me develop my PR career further.

I have also worked against him a couple of times with rival clients – which really kept me on my toes. You need to be at the very top of your game just to stay level with him.”

Mike Magee, A Legend of Computing and Technology Journalism

“I have known Mark Casey since the early 1990s, when he worked for an agency working on the Adobe account. A consummate professional, Mark has the ability to bridge the world between clients and journalists, understanding the needs of both parties. He has a sound judgment of what news and features journalists require, and has never failed to come up with the goods every time we’ve been in contact. In addition, he’s a great chap, even if he sometimes takes his love of rugby too far.”

Clare Newsome, Former Editor, Stuff Magazine and Former Group Editor, What Hi-Fi and Sound and Vision

“I first worked with mark in the early 1990’s and was pleasantly surprised to deal with a PR person who actually understood technology and more importantly understood how the media works. As both our careers developed and we both moved more into the consumer technology field it was reassuring to have someone like Mark available at the end of the phone. Committed, enthusiastic and forthright I don’t think he ever wasted my time. In fact he probably saved the day for me and my staff on a good number of occasions!”

John Moseley, Director of Global Marketing at 3Dconnexion

“I had the pleasure of working with Mark during the exciting early growth years of the digital music revolution. He created and led an energetic and professional team that consistently punched above their weight, achieving considerable success in a very competitive market. Mark’s enthusiasm is infectious and he’s never short of a creative, appropriate idea to cut through the noise.”

Bea Longworth, Formerly Senior PR Manager, EMEA and India, Now Founder and Director, Whooc Publishing

“At its heart PR is about connections, creativity and persistence, all of which Mark has in spades. His impressive breadth and depth of experience are complemented by an irrepressible enthusiasm to turbo-charge any project with which he’s involved.”

Angela Watts, VP Global Communications, Spotify

“My career in PR started by working for Mark Casey; The first thing I learnt from Mark was that great media relations comes as a direct result of fully understanding the challenge before you and making the best resources you have at your disposal. In my opinion, Mark has the ability to quickly identify the crux of the matter and to get great results in almost any situation.”
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